VoiceOver Services

A truly international English sound with a uniquely blended accent that imparts a luxurious “world elegance”. Perfectly designed for international companies, charity organizations, and business communications to a global audience.

A warm, luxurious sound carried by crisp, standard diction that melds smoothly with the melody of her richly textured voice to produce a mid-atlantic/transatlantic/international English or global American accent that is both familiar and exotic.

From my professional home studio, I deliver rapid turnaround and broadcast quality.  Recordings delivered in MP3, AIFF, or WAV format via email, DropBox, YouSendIt, ftp, CD or whatever whacky new format shows up.  Want to listen in while I work my magic? Why not direct the perfect take yourself via Skype phone patch, ipDTL, Source-Connect Now or SoundStreak? I’m also happy to work via ISDN from a local studio.

The Perfect Choice

As a voice actor, my international and neutral English accent is perfectly tuned for web explainer and animated videos, pharma/medical/scientific elearning modules, IVR and message on hold applications, luxury hotel and vacation properties, international charity presentations, and game character voices that need to sound just that bit exotic.  My native Jamaican (Caribbean) accent provides a rhythmic, tropical sound that evokes sunshine, calm blue seas and a little “Irie!”  (For examples, please see commercial demo reel).

Upbeat, rich, calm and informative, a sound shaped by twenty years experience as a clinical psychologist in a variety of settings (oh the stories I could tell!). A professional, trustworthy tone when the copy calls for it.

VoiceOver Specialties:

  • Radio and TV Commercials: Voice acting for radio and television ads from small to national broadcast markets.
  • Jamaican Accented English: Spice it up! Add some true island rhythm to your project for extra character and oomph. Authentic Jamaican accent (from a native-born islander) as well as a generic Caribbean sound on tap.
  • eLearning and Training: A friendly, informative voice for your presentations, computer-based training programs, tutorials, and other educational material.
  • Corporate and Industrial Narration: Professional and engaging audio for promotional and sales videos.
  • Travel and Tourism: Museum and walking tours narrated in a smooth, crisp tone. Travel company and destination guides that make you wish you were there already!
  • Documentaries: Whatever your topic, the voiceacting narration should meld seamlessly into the overall presentation, while engaging the audience and keeping them in their seats until the very end.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical: Training and expertise in the style, content and pronounciation requirements of medical (particularly psychiatric and psychological) and scientific narration.

Whether by phone, email, Skype or tweet, I’d be happy to talk with you about how we can work together to provide a professional sounding project within your budget.

Professional Coaching, Training and Education:

  • Acting for Advertising: personal coaching, training, and commercial demo production with Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio (2012-2013 and ongoing)
  • Voiceover for Gaming: one-day course with Hugh Edwards of High-Score Productions, London, and Peter Dickson, voice of X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (October 2013)
  • Initial VO training and narration demo with Edge Studio, NYC (2010-2011)


Give me a call from wherever you are, shoot off a quick email, or drop your details into the contact form for a quick response.

USA: +1 (919) 647-9580
International: +353 (85) 1103461
Email: info@ArleneCookeVO.com

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deVine Voices Int'l Voice Over Agency
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Voiceovers for:

  • Radio and TV Commercials
  • Jamaican and pan-Caribbean accents
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Documentaries that fascinate and educate
  • Psychiatric and Medical Narration
  • eLearning and interactive training
  • Corporate Training and Promotions
  • Game and animation characters
  • Custom/Bespoke Projects